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[Strategy Guide] Amplify you content and get 2x to 3x more results from your content!

Content is an investment. Whether it's a blog, eBook, video content...your marketing strategy will always contain some aspect of content creation and this is only going to increase in the future due to continued trend towards credibility. 

The sad news is that getting that first kick up the rankings from your content can feel like a long, never ending grind.  There are different ways to address this, making sure you get the most of the content you already produce being one. 

Sharing your content once means only 3-5% of your followers are likely to see it. Each new piece of content you create deserves far better than that so you should use distribution tools such as Buffer to set promotions of your content for 3 months...6 months...even a year down the line, at which point new updates on old content can give a whole new lease of life to a piece of content with far less work than a whole new piece!

Promoting Each Post

Promoting each post is a must due to it's quick and long-lasting impact which is why we offer such a comprehensive package here. But there are several questions arising when you start a content strategy and distributing that content:

  • How long should you keep promoting content?
  • Should every post continue to be promoted forever?
  • Are you creating user fatigue by over-promoting the same content?

Hopefully you can see where we're going with this. Through rigorous, butt-wrenching testing we've a  put together a distribution plan we've found get's the most juice for each piece of content we put out. The plan has 2-phases:

  • A promotion phase that is systematic to each and every new post
  • An amplification phase that consists of spending more time in further distributing content when it’s proven to perform throughout the promotion phase.

In short, we post each piece of content but we promote only those that work best, amplifying the results we bring from the content. 

What is organic content amplification?

Many techniques being used today come at a cost as we see more and more organic methods being filtered out by the large corporations controlling the internet. In contrast, focusing on  getting the most from your content you are producing helps guide the posts that you should invest money into ads on as you've already qualified they work... and at no cost!

 But isn’t that repeating the same message to the exact same people you reached out to during the promotion phase?

The answer is: yes and no but it doesn’t matter.

Some of your current followers/subscribers/stalkers are definately already seeing your posts...some are seeing only you promoted content...and others have simply forgot you exist, unsubscribing from your news lists or just not getting your content put in-front of them. 

The Content

The average reach of any social media message is small so the chances are that a lot of people missed it during each phase described above. The same logic applies if you send 3 blogs per email newsletter and return a 15% click-through rate, meaning any blog post included is seen by 5% of your base which is the same as saying 95% haven't seen your post.

People's needs and questions evolve, they might now have a question which they didn't have 8 months ago and your already crafted post answers it! People won't be offended if your content is good and they're seeing it again. Give a different and valuable angle in your posts and your audience will appreciate it. 

Doing this from different channels helps mitigate the possibility of someone seeing your content twice, for example, we might post across Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter and then 2 weeks later include the post link in an email.

To get the best results from your amplifications you need to space out your re-posts. A pattern we use is 3 days after the initial we will re-post it with a snappy title with the angle of "did you miss...?". 2 weeks later we re-post it again (check for any possible updates you can make) and then once more 6 months down the line. 

Top Tip: Do NOT amplify time relevant content. If you are thinking of taking this strategy and you post  "420 of the Greatest Newsletter Subject Lines for 2011" you will lower your credibility. No one wants to see old content and they will leave negative reviews/comments leaving floods of people to remember you for the wrong reasons.

What can you expect from organic content amplification?

To make it worthwhile as a strategy we must look at the impact of re-distributing older content  on the important KPI's of your marketing. For many the goal is driving leads and we already made the point that attributing conversions to content is essential to measure and drive content marketing ROI.

During our 2 week promotion phase we found that the post was received  81% of traffic in this period resulting in rapidly growing traffic and leads. After the promotion phase is over, the traffic and lead lines quickly plateau. 3 months later on the same post we see 17% of the traffic left and less than half the leads.


Your followers and subscribers are precious, as is your brand. It's essential therefore that you guard against annoying continuously. In order to do this, don't overdo it, focus on your most valuable content and vary your online messages when you re-post. Changing the post pictures/headlines is a great way of revitalising your old content and don't forget to re-distribute your content using different channels. 

Analyse your results & adapt!

If you've been following us for any time at all, you'll know we're huge on analysing and learning from it, and you should be no different! The push to get that cutting edge is what puts us ahead of our competition, we truly look at the analysis stage of every campaign as money in-of-itself, meaning, if you're not analysing, you're burning free money.

  1. Analyze performance of all your posts to identify and short-list the posts worth amplifying.
  2. Create and schedule social media messages to distribute posts in the short-lists.
  3. Make sure you don’t overload your social channels with too much messages or too much repetition of the same messages.
  4. Add short-listed posts to upcoming email newsletters.
  5. Measure results of amplification to make sure your post traffic and lead generation patterns conform to the second model described above (otherwise, it means your followers are not interested and might quit).
  6. Repeat.
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