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5 Proven Marketing Techniques For Financial Services

Being a financial broker, you have to be a trusted source of knowledge and expertise to which clients come to wanting to be blown away by the % increase in their portfolio's. Which, from their perspective, is absolutely understandable as you hold their future and hopes in your hands. 

It's crucial then that you position yourself with the reputation to go with that, demonstrating your successes and knowledge at every opportunity. Here is where the words positioning and marketing are completely interchangeable. Finance brokers may feel limited as to how they can expand their service - if this is you, read on...

We've compiled a few marketing ideas for finance brokers: ideas that have generated growth and long-term success for our clients in some of the most competitive financial markets in the world. They are both super-specific to finance but relevant to business growth in general too.

#1 Your Brand

Several of our clients operate almost as a holding company, allowing their staff to start marketing themselves and their own social media pages - providing they stay away from the companies branding. This gives their staff opportunities to go out and find leads themselves - whilst also building up their own brand. Perfect!

Many of the financial companies we work with, overlook branding...surprising in an industry reliant on trust and there's no better way than demonstrating your credibility to your customers. It instils confidence and in turn gains you business. Devise a mission statement of your core beliefs, jazz it up and put it across your social media. DO NOT be anonymous!

#2 Use testimonials to your advantage

According to Dimensional Research, 90% of all consumers say they are influenced by testimonials and reviews but did you also know that 89% of B2B marketers think testimonials and case studies are the most effective marketing tactics? 

This should come as little surprise, especially when you think about the influence Amazon reviews have had on consumer habits. With a testimonial backing your services, you have the same emotional buildup as generated from referrals. And for most, particularly if you were in business before the internet, referrals were probably your biggest source of income.

Just think about the Amazon example...what do we as consumers look for in the reviews? Delivery times, quality of product and whether the product is useful for what it's intended. Think what it is people are looking from your reviews.

Here are a few things you should remember with testimonials:

  • Try to put an accompanying image and a full name with the testimonial - this way they’ll be more effective and act as proof to first-time visitors.
  • Spread the testimonials across your site, and not just in one place. Your visitors need to be reminded of your expertise!
  • Use them in your content - providing quotes from real-life customers will strengthen your output.
  • Statistics - One of your biggest weapons! The numbers that verify how much better you are doing at your work really complement the use of testimonials.

#3 Treat Social Media like a Business Tool

Everyone's onto social media now and we're not going to patronise you in giving the usual simple tricks and trinkets. Thinking of social media as a business tool to better serve you clients is the general mindset you need to take hold of. To what extent should you switch up your approach according to the platform?

Social media is not just a platform you can use to answer customer enquiries: have a thought-out, considerate strategy of the end-user. What will their experience be? Input a name and number and await a reply? If so you're marketing in the wrong era.

When you're liaising with clients it's vital that your social media content is both accessible for clients and appropriate for banks and credit providers.

Here's a few actions we take for our clients:

  1. Maintain consistency with brand message and description of services
  2. Create links back to your website - where you want visitors to go!
  3. Produce regular, valuable marketing materials, NOT just the usual boring social media posts!
  4. Sort a regular schedule for sharing, posting and communicating
  5. Use call back services...And don't keep them waiting! (You can do this via an embed-able calendar if you can't man a phone 24/7)

Remember - social media is where many leads are most comfortable. This means you're approaching them on their terms. Standing out is key to get the most bang-for-your-buck! 

#4 Get to Know SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is possibly more competitive financial industry than in any other company. This is because it pays be on page 1 of any search engine - this guarantees enquiries - what you do with them is obviously a whole other question.

So can you get a competitive edge? The short answer is not quickly. SEO is long-term and necessary for a long-standing business... and your early retirement on a beach, so it's not an area to be neglected. Here's a few tips to get you on that upward trajectory:

  • A state-of-the-art website
  • Use Keywords
  • Create Unique and Accurate Page Titles
  • Update Your Site with Fresh New Content
  • Use Images and Video

#5 Be an Expert in Your Field

We can't speak highly enough of this one! Content and more content! It's a great way of opening dialogue between you and your audience. As we've mentioned here, video bring you the best results. Raising issues in markets, discussing important G7 meetings and financial reports is something you're probably doing in private already. Capitalise on your knowledge...record it, write it, post it on social media, this will help develop your service and brand boosting how everyone see's you and your financial company.

Have a think what your audience wants to know about. What are their concerns this quarter, and what kinds of content can you provide to remedy their problems?

Everybody loves an expert, especially when you’re in charge of handling their financial affairs. Positioning yourself as an expert with evidence is what will set you apart from your competition and will instil trust, confidence and reputation. 

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