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8 Tips to Boost Your Website Conversions

Despite the wide array of website tracking tools and CRM systems collecting data that marketers have, the average conversion rate of websites is just 2.35%. As Income Generation Experts, this is a disturbing statistic. Escpecially considering that conversions, no matter where from or for what sale - are the primary goals of any website. Missed conversions is a missed source of revenue.

So how can you raise your website conversion rate? Here's 10 top tips we use for our clients...

  • 1. Anticipate the Potential Customer

    If you don't understand your audience and their buying process it's going to be an up-hill battle to sell to them. When building a website you must anticipate their questions and have the information they need to make the judgement call with little effort. If they're a few clicks in and still can't find the information they're looking for, your potential customer will likely turn to your competition. 

    Use website tracking data, analyse it and learn what motivates your target market. Another option if you have enough resources is to go direct to the customer. Review phone calls, emails, transcripts of every interaction with your customers. Add the answers to those questions on the page they called from; anticipate results.

    2. Seperate Your Website into Content vs Sales Pages

    When building sites you want to target to main objectives: information vs transactions. Visitors for information are simply looking for answers, not necessarily purchases. Top-of-the-funnel content satisfies their curiosity and increases awareness, gaining you more visitors. As this process is so far up the sales funnel, you'll have to offer commitment call-to-actions such as subscribe. Transaction users will need you to answer their pre-purchase questions, provide evidence of value and then offer the compelling call-to-action. 

    3. Support Your Product or Service with Evidence

    Writing copy about your value feeds into your audience substantiated marketing claims. To truly earn their trust you need to provide evidence. Many brands tend to neglect basic psychology, which shows us that many human decisions are based on emotion rather than fact. User reviews as shown by Amazon are enormously powerful when displayed correctly

    4. Use This 7 points for a Testimonial

    • Client Logo
    • Headline with  Statistic
    • Picture from Client
    • Client Name
    • Client Title
    • Client Company
    • Keyword in Testimonial

    5. Present Content Intuitively

    FAQ's pages are a common miss-step in site design. Mobile users especially want to see content with as few clicks as possible. Rather than forcing the user to separate sub-pages which users may never see, present the answer on your product/sevice page in a logical flow. This will lower bounce rates and ensure a smooth experience for users.

    6. Create Long Websites

    We're starting to see this in website builders and wordpress templates already. Long website pages convert far better than short pages. All users require a different amount of proof to convert so you should provide as much evidence on one page as possible. However, don't overcrowd them!

    7. Use CTA's

    We don't like to say there can't ever be enough CTA's but data shows most can still gain more conversions with a few more. Sticking with our new release on Consumer Psychology; According to Andy Crestodina, using first-person language on call-to-action (CTA) buttons increases conversion rates by 90%. For instance, rather than “Start Your Free Trial,” use “Start My Free Trial” on your CTA buttons. This allows the user to more easily envision themself performing the action.

    In addition to the first-person language you can also ensure your CTA's are answering users' questions such as "Subscribe" is far less effective that "Join 10,000 readers receiving stunning offers weekly". This is far more specific and describes what users are committing too.

    8. Track & Analyze Calls

    As marketers this is often harder/more expensive to do but going beyond quantifying the number of online conversions and taking into account conversations over the phone and even more... what is being said is what WILL set you apart from your competition. Include a CTA phone number to engage with one of your sales team. Inbound calls convert 10 to 15 times higher. To truly optimize your site you need to understand the total number of conversions and value the conversions.
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