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Simple Hacks: 10X Your Facebook Ads (At No Extra Cost)

If you’re an entrepreneur or a marketer, who is constantly on the look for a new hack to improve your campaigns on Facebook — you’ll enjoy this one.

By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll know how to use & deploy this simple hack which our agency uses to get 10X+ more ad engagement (social proof) for our clients, at no extra cost.

Some Ads we've deployed this hack on!

This hack won't take you more than just a few minutes while you can see results within 24 hours! You'll have more engagements, likes, comments, share the lot! If you've built up your credibility and have a product/service that offers value you WILL have a higher CTR and revenue.

The Method To The Facebook Ad Hack

Let's say you have a campaign which is made for a specific promotion you as a company are running. Inside of the campaign you should have several Facebook/Instagram Ad Sets which are targeting different audience with several Ads.

      As the campaign progresses and you gather more data, you find an Ad which is working better than any other. At this point you might be tempted to or are already duplicating this Ad, making potentially 100s of copies. Doing this ensures you'll have a couple of likes, comments and shares on each Ad...but what if you could stack up all that social proof instead? 

Here’s what’s different in the campaign structure:

Deploying The Ad Hack

As we promised, deploying this social media ad hack takes no more than a couple of minutes. This method ONLY applies to the newsfeed placement on both desktop and mobile as well as Instagram mobile. 

Open your Facebook Ads Manager and take the following steps:

Select an ad to which you want to point all ad sets (on the ad level of the campaign) and click Edit.

#1 Select The Ad

Select an ad to which you want to point all ad sets (on the ad level of the campaign) and click Edit.

#2 Acquire The Ad ID

On Facebook, you’ll have 2 strings of numbers interrupted by /posts/ in the middle. Select and copy the 2nd string of numbers.

#3 — Applying The Ad ID

In this step, you’ll need to either make a new ad set, or duplicate the existing one (duplicating is faster). Change whatever you want (age range, country, gender, interest, etc) and then go to the ad level of this new ad set.

Click on Edit again and then click on Use Existing Post.

Click on Enter Post ID and paste the ad ID you acquired in #2.

Click Submit and then Publish the ad.

#4 — Duplicate

Remember that if you make ANY changes to the Ad itself Facebook WILL return the Ad to zero engagements.

The easiest way to point MORE Ad sets to this Ad is through duplicating the 2nd Ad set you've created. This allows you to add multiple new Ad sets in a matter of minutes. This is particularly useful if you're running robust split testing systems or launching a new product.

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